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Online Games on Friv – Find the best here! 


Friv is the best option to enjoy your time on interesting and original games, here you have the opportunity to play alone or with friends. Friv games are really fun because we have the best online games selection to not be bored. 

You will find instant games, so you neither have to download any game nor login to start playing. Popups won’t appear to distract you while you are in your game. Another advantage of our crazy games is that you can play them on your tablet, desktop or mobile wherever you are, at home or on the road. 

What about our online games selection? 

On, Friv you will find different online games to choose, in fact, you have in total 119 games between the most popular and the newest, but game developers frequently release interesting and funny games to enrich our platform, and you can’t lose the opportunity to know them.  

In our list of funny and crazy games, you will find different categories like: .IO, 2 players, adventure, 3D, action, cooking, boys, girls, multiplayer, racing, puzzle, etc., all of them are very entertaining.

 How to start playing?

To start playing is very easy, just pick the game of your preference, starting with the category you like the most. 

If you choose the newest, the most popular or random games, you can see all the categories, some of them we mentioned before. After that, click on the game you prefer, if you want to know more about the game before starting playing, in the lower part you can read the description of the game, how many stars people gave it, the instructions to control the game, and also comments if it has. 

What is Friv Games 

Friv games is a gaming platform created for experts with the purpose of distracting people of different ages in an attractive online playground. We know there are many competitors regarding online games, that is why, we are working very hard to give the best games for you to enjoy.

In our site, you will find a lot of options to play, so you won’t ask yourself “what can I play?” because you’ll count with several online games of different categories to pass a great time.

Is Friv Games different from Poki Games 

Friv and Poki are similar online games platforms, but they come from different creators. However, Friv also contains Poki games which are very creative, and they go from easy to difficult levels. They are ideal for different ages, so all people can use for distraction without any trouble. 

Our platform is very friendly to use, that is why, we are working very hard in Friv Friv to give you a comfortable experience and present you amazing and popular games.  

 What kind of games Friv Friv has?

Friv Friv presents a list of its categories, let’s see:

·         .IO.: Here, you will find games that you can play without downloading or installing any program, because you can play directly on the domain. Check this category and play online alone or with multiplayers, they are really exciting, varied and competitive.

·         2 Players.: In this category, you can enjoy playing with a partner, this fact makes so much exciting the moment. 

·         3D. The 3D graphics make interesting and real every game, do not hesitate on tapping this section. 

·         Action. In the action section, you have to use your intelligence to think in how you can beat your enemy. You also have other games to avoid obstacles, catch rewards, etc.

·         Adventure. Most people could say that this is the most exciting part, because you can click on mountain bikes games, heavy bikes, fruit break, shooting, cross miners, etc., there are many interesting games. 

·         Arcade. In arcade games, you can choose games like, 3D Minecraft Parkour, Town Island Craft 3D, where you can build your own island and save your life if you catch as many coins as possible. With wood and stones you can make houses too. 

·         Baby Hazel. The Pole Vault 3D game takes the baby Hazel category with this exciting game for athletes. 

·         Bejeweled. It is an addictive game that makes you think and pass a funny time collecting different kind of jewelry. 

·         Boys. This part is especially for boys, we have collected all the games they preferred like, Moto Racing, Battlefield, Join Scroll Run, Rescue, etc. 

·         Clicker. The clicker category is very easy, here you have hero games, pirates, brick breaker games, between others, most of them can be played with 2 players.

·         Cooking. For kitchen or food lovers this section is perfect, you can play Santa Cooking, and Knife Invincible. 

·         Girls. For girls, this section is the most interesting because they will find cute and beautiful games.

·         Hypercasual. It is full of exciting games like, piano master, mini market, formula car, slime, etc.

·         Multiplayer. If you do not want to play alone, click on this section to start playing with someone else. 

·         Puzzle. For those people who love puzzles, this is the perfect category. Games like Brain Tests, Teen Patti Match, Jigsaw, are the most popular.

·         Racing. Here, you will find everything regarding racing games. 

·         Shooting. Different kind of shooting sports is in this section.

·         Soccer. It was created for soccer lovers and other games. 

·         Sports. Sports like golf and football are here, so do not lose your time if you prefer sport games. 

·         Stickman. Racing and Head Soccer are present in this exciting and amazing category.